VirtualRehab® is a new physical rehabilitation system designed for Kinect by Windows, with a video game format that allows monitoring and follow-up of patients from anywhere in the world.

The Virtualware international group, with presence in the UK, Mexico, Chile and Bizkaia, has developed the VirtualRehab® platform with the scientific support of the Spanish Society of Neurology (SEN). With this game, patients can perform complex physical rehabilitation programmes through funny therapies, in the rehabilitation centre and in their own homes.

The patient interacts with the game in a 3D environment in which they exercise multiple combinations of movements without the need for any controller or sensor attached to their body. Each session is registered thanks to Azure, the Microsoft cloud platform allowing the patients the freedom to do their exercises at home or in a clinic. The results of their sessions are sent over the Internet to the data server located on the Azure cloud platform which incorporates the highest security measures necesssary to house personal medical data.

VirtualRehab® exercises the affected functions (motor, coordination and cognitive to a lesser degree) in Neurodegenerative diseases (Multiple Esclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Alzheimer ’s disease), Neuromuscular disorders and Acquired Brain Injury.

The exercises and movements have been specifically designed to work on the affected functions, such as balance, coordination and endurance. To achieve this, VirtualRehab® uses modern motion capture techniques provided by the Kinect by Microsoft ®, which eliminates the need to attach cables to the patient thereby improving comfort. In VirtualRehab®, the patient becomes the actual controller.

Virtualware is one of the first companies dedicated to the field of virtual reality technology and serious games; it is a global company that has shown a steady growth since its beginnings with a clear commitment to innovation, quality and development of their own product that has received numerous awards, including the “Plantinum European Seal of e-Excellence” for innovation awarded by the European Multimedia Forum (EMF), among many others.