Tecnalia brings the revolution in the world of videogames creating WiMi5.

In one of its latest projects, Tecnalia Technological Corporation has created a new platform, WiMi5, which integrates the necessary tools for creating, publishing and exploiting a video game. This is a new technology based company emerged from Tecnalia and led by Raúl Otaolea along with the investment made by the Group IT Net, Microwave, Emprendiza, Civeta Investment and several business angels.

WiMi5 is the first sector company to provide a cloud-based platform for creating and marketing casual and social games. The tool is free for developers and works through any modern browser using HTML5 and through the cloud, so there is no need to install any software for creating games, as with other similar tools.

The WiMi5 business model is focused on micro transactions, and only begins to charge when the developer starts to make money with his game. The WiMi5 team helps and encourages platform users to develop free2play games, which are initially free, but with the possibility of micro-purchases. The area in which WiMi5 will operate is global, as corresponds to the Internet businesses and its headquarters will be located in Bilbao.

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