The main Basque textile group, Skunfunk began designing a line of T-shirts and has passed to export its creations to more than 20 countries and to bill 30 million € last year.

The clothing company from Gernika, created in the late 90’s is present in more than 700 stores around the world and continues to take positions on the international scene in an unstoppable expansion. Strongly linked to nature, it has grown in a constant urban trip across the globe. It defends, global and local views at the same time, and promulgates a perfect balance between international citizenship and a solidly settled local identity. To express this creative philosophy Skunfunk has created its own term: “glocalism“.

However, from the beginning of its expansion they built this commitment with the challenge of maintaining the same knowledge and control in monitoring of all processes, from farmers, spinners, weavers, printers, storage, and even transportation. Not only for the sake of transparency, but also intending to identify the social and environmental impacts generated by any of these processes.

Under its axiom “Act in Green” Skunkfunk uses only textile fibers, such as hemp, linen, recycled polyester and mainly organic cotton. It has come to banish from its samples bamboo fabrics, after confirming that it is extracted and processed with certain chemical processes, and soya bean because it is linked to massive deforestation in certain areas.

Its clothes, of excellent design and making, are funny and original, and they stand out for their functionality and durability. They are created to be used and enjoyed much longer than season collections. Besides, all their clothes are GOTS certified, Global Organic Textile Standard, Ecology & Social Responsibility.