Undergraduates from prestigious Aston Business School of Birmingham and Deusto Business School studied the business practices of successful companies such as Iberdrola or Mercedes de Miguel.

The group of more than 30 students of different nationalities visited the 3,000 square metres of the atelier, a place where the entrepreneurial part is transformed into creativity to design the different fashion lines of the brand; since its creation 25 years ago, Mercedes de Miguel has conquered the fashion industry in the most important international catwalks. She modeled for the first time in 1995, and her success has been unstoppable ever since.

Mercedes de Miguel is a regular participant of many international catwalks, like Who’s Next (Paris), Pure (London), Cpd (Dusseldorf), Bread and Butter (Barcelona), SIM (Madrid), or those in other countries where fashion industry is being developed such as Dubai, China or Mexico.

Always very aware of market demands and devoted to her own style, in 2008 she expanded her creative universe creating the POUPÉE CHIC firm: Colour, freshness and optimism hints for the firm’s younger collection, which brings a fresh and innovative breath that allows a more rapid internationalization of the company.

Mercedes de Miguel actively collaborates with the world of art and culture, being a great supporter of new talents, collaborating with the Fashion Master Programme of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of the Basque Country, and acting as a jury member of the prestigious international young designers’ context Art & Fashion. Among the shows that are most fondly remembered by the designer, the one that took place at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, along with two other major fashion designers -Paco Rabanne and Carolina Herrera- can be underlined.

Currently, the firm has over 700 selling points, in countries like Spain, France, Portugal, Belgium, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mexico and the Arab countries.