From Bhutan to the Sahara and from humour to emotion, there are stories that fill the screens of cinemas and television and leave a mark in our minds and in our memories, as many of the productions Irusoin has done throughout its trajectory.

“In 80 Days” (“80 Egunean”) is an intense, violent and vital story of forbidden mature love, which serves as an example to illustrate the quality of the cinematographic work of this production firm. Feature films, animated films and documentaries, are part of the activities of this company that was founded in 1986.

Following their philosophy of collaboration with other companies, they have been awarded several times, including two nominations for Best Documentary Feature film for the Goya Awards (Spanish Film Academy Awards), as well as the Goya for Best Animated Feature Film, for “The Crab Island”.

Irusoin has developed a great career parallel to the creation of the Basque Radio Television (EITB) initially offering dubbing, sound and production and post-production services; professional activity that has provided them an extraordinary experience in this sector that has rapidly evolved to the rhythm of the new technologies. Pure empirical progress.

In these years of existence Irusoin has managed to diversify its areas of expertise to become a leader in the production and post-production areas, adapting to new market needs, in an effort to offer the most advanced technical resources and training professionals able to provide audiovisual services of the highest standard.

Constant improvement of their own resources and a fantastic creative team, position this production company in the highest standards of quality for the production of advertising campaigns, corporate videos and other audiovisual works from creative development to the final piece.