International Unseen Film Festival View project


Cinema is a fascinating spectacle, an unbeatable source of fun that can also be a good tool for social change. It can be art that gives voice and image to many unseen causes for a large majority.

The International Unseen Film Festival “Filme Sozialak” is a contest that aims to spread different and committed works that provide a space for reflection on issues such as human rights, gender inequality, environment and immigration, among other social issues of human interest.

In its 6th edition with over 400 registered films from 50 countries, an important participation of women filmmakers -a 33%- that express interesting views on different issues and areas, can be underlined. A remarkable figure if we have in mind that in a world of a very conventional cinema, equal opportunities are far from becoming reality.

The total amount of this year’s awards is 16,500 € for the different categories of the Festival. The International Unseen Film Festival is organized by KCD, Kultura, Communication y Desarrollo, a non-Governmental Organization for Cooperation Development and its purposes are: to promote Cultural and Social Communication as a development tool, presenting information alternatives as a response to the danger of the introduction of a unique pattern of thought that may come to sacrifice the diversity and legitimacy of other national and cultural identities.

KCD has recently signed an agreement with the Voices from the Waters of Bangalore (India) Film Festival, the Environmental Film Festival of the Finger Lakes of New York, Itahaca (USA), and the Chiapas Media Project (USA / Mexico ) organisation, in order to share experiences and to increase the chances of carrying out the objectives of the consortium, primarily based on enhancing partnerships, research and dissemination of works around themes of human rights, environment, social justice, gender, sustainability … through film, video or the new mass media.

International Unseen Film Festival