It is committed to drive the process of transforming Euskadi towards an innovating society in all spheres, for which it works to weave complicities and define priorities to forge a strong bond between public and private agents, and to foster the demand and necessary stimulus in companies and society as a whole.

To achieve this, Innobasque works with more than 1,000 partners in three main lines:
socialisation: transforming society, with the objective of mobilising the values ​​and culture of innovation, learning from best practices and projecting Basque innovation outwards.

Secondly, the socio-economic revitalisation area that taking advantage of new global business opportunities to create jobs and wealth, connects capabilities, looking for high-impact projects and pulling the necessary investments.

The third line is the Technical Secretariat for the Promotion of the Basque Innovation System. In advanced countries, innovation is a major contributor, both to sustainable human development, and to the growth of productivity.

Therefore, the Agency supports the monitoring, evaluation and analysis of the evolution of innovation in the Basque Country; identifies and analyses international best practices to create innovation policies; acts as observatory of the Basque participation in European R&D&I Programmes; and as far as Social Innovation is concerned, promotes actions so that citizens can join participatory processes to meet social challenges and needs.