FIG View project


A meeting and promotion point for artists, editors, researchers and enthusiasts of engraving and printing.

Its objective is to encourage this art form and publicise the most recent and novel lines of research. With this festival, and for its unique character in Europe, Bilbao becomes a cultural example. Whether we choose to experience FIG Bilbao from a commercial perspective or a poetic one, there are many aspects to be explored.

This event offers the opportunity to get to know engraving as an artistic discipline, from its beginnings to the final product. From traditional techniques to the most avant-garde and constantly evolving experiments. FIG Bilbao gives space and exposure to engravings, something which many people were demanding in the current artistic panorama. There is room for galleries, collections and experimentation in this event open to all.

FIG Bilbao is a fair, numerous exhibitions, an international competition, a diverse scene where artists meet and exchange opinions, ideas and experiences. Furthermore, and essential for the continuation of this millennial technique in the future, it is also a learning space. The workshops for children who discover for the first time what engraving is and how to do it, or those given by young artists plant the seed that, for many, guarantee the future of this art form that is unknown to many.