Over 58,000 square metres host inside a “heart” with an area of 1,770 square metres, capable of housing the Christ Redeemer of Rio de Janeiro. The stage area of the Euskalduna Palace is the largest in Spain and the second largest in Europe.

The stage area is cross-shaped, which allows having different set designs ready to use in every act, placed at the sides or in the rear.

Several platforms are immersed, ascend and glide to give versatility to the set. Five floors above is all the technical equipment with which all changes of scenery and special effects are made. Its 44 metres high enable to represent up to 75 different sets at the same time. Theatre performances, operas and events of unimaginable complexity are possible thanks to the “engine room” of this magnificent “ship” stranded on the shore of the Estuary of Bilbao.

The impressive features of the stage of the Auditorium have made possible the organisation of various artistic and congress exhibition productions, allowing to create spectacular cultural events and transforming the main stage in a large pool for one opera, a hill of artificial grass for another one, or an impressive presentation of BMW cars at three levels of ground, among many other scenic landmarks.

Recognised as the “Best Congress Centre of the World” in 2003, this majestic building has been created to meet the highest expectations of any conference, convention, meeting or event, with the ability to organise different activities at the same time without any interference. Its size, its architectural design and excellent technical and acoustic resources, position it as one of the international temples of Opera and headquarters of the Symphony Orchestra of Bilbao.

The Euskaduna Palace is definitely a pioneer icon of the “new Bilbao” and not just as a bulwark of the international congress activity that goes to the city, but as a model of the cultural activity of Bilbao Bizkaia. Performing arts, opera, music and an endless list of business and social activities, make this grand Palace an engine of the economic, social and cultural life of the city and the Territory.