El Sol Jaialdia View project


Publizitatea gure bizitza, gure emozio eta gure oroimenaren parte da. Abestiak xuxurlatzen ditugu eta irudiek aztarna uzten digute. Miresmena, harridura, zoriontasuna eta nostalgia sortzen digu. Hunkitu egiten gaitu eta, bidenabar, gure oroimenean gelditzeko lekutxoa bilatzen du.

Once a year, Bilbao becomes a showcase for the best advertising. It does so by hosting the Ibero-American Festival of Advertising Communication “El Sol”. Its streets fill up with spots, people talk about impactful publicity and images on talk shows, the most prestigious professionals make spaces in their diaries to visit Bilbao and young creatives use the opportunity to make new contacts in the shadow of the multitude of interesting forums in the city.

It is the perfect occasion to find out about the latest offerings from around the world, to see advertising from the most far away countries, either geographically or conceptually due to their ways of thinking and feeling. An attractive variety of opportunities to capture trends, integrate new formats, images, colours and daring compositions. It is the moment to celebrate creativity and good advertising, which provokes applause, raises a smile and, above all, is aspirational. The Art of telling stories in 20 Seconds.


El Sol Jaialdia