Undoubtedly, creativity and R&D&I are part of the success of the renowned as one of the best cuisines in the world: Basque cuisine.

Come into Fernando Canales’ Restaurante Etxanobe, owner among many other awards and recognitions, of a Michelin star, is indeed an experience and a real discovery for the senses. Surprise, together with colour and shape, the scents and the presentation, propose a genuine game of sensations that rise cuisine to the level of art.

An amazing combination of flavours and textures sometimes surprising to the palate, are allied with impressive stagings that range from dishes that are suspended magically in the air, to spectacular platings, where balance and appetite appeal are a sign of the art that can only be overcome by its organoleptic properties.

Fernando Canales is a chef in love with his profession and his constant search for innovation and excellence has led him to have a leading role in many successful events like the opening of Pintxo Farago Club together with French businessman Pierre Dutaret, in the heart of the French capital, which has been described as one of the top 5 rilletes in Paris by ELLE magazine.

Also, the TV chef is a star of American television since the “Cooking with Canales” programme, following its success in Spain, can be seen on some of the most important television cuisine channels of Northern California, and on the VME New York State channel.