From modernism to avant-garde style, the architectural trip of a singular building.

Opened in 1984, the building that today houses the Bilbao Tourism Office was initially the emblematic Hotel Terminus, which served travellers arriving by train at the Estación del Norte, witnessing a time of major economic and social changes.

Over a hundred years later, the main hall of the building still retains a symbolic marble floor that welcomes you with a large Compass Rose, as a vestige of that exemplary elegance of modernism.

Travellers and visitors of the XXI century, are astonished by the aesthetic and functionality exuded by this splendid nineteenth-century building, in a permanent dialogue with the most cutting-edge vision.

The warm and inspiring wood, linked to the Basque nature that always brings us home-loving and familiar memories, is one of the main signs of identity of the Bilbao Tourism Office, because Bilbao wants to make every traveller feel at home and that is why there is so much light, natural light together with so many bulbs that from different heights illuminate the images of Bilbao on digital screens, announcing there is still a lot to enjoy.

The art, the latest technologies, the personality and accessibility, together with the informative vocation and customer service, are the main distinguishing marks of this historic new building created to receive, accept, communicate, listen and share. A great place for meetings, surprise and discovery of a city open to visitors from around the world.