ART DISTRICT, the streets of Bilbao exude art

When the month of April comes to an end, the streets of Bilbao fill with Art.

The galleries show exhibitions and invite their best artists to converse with the visitors. Museums open for longer to allow visitors to see their exhibits at unusual times. This is an opportunity to see a Greco at the Museum of Fine Arts after a dinner in the open air with the light of spring. The sculptures of Richard Serra in the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao are an unforgettable experience. And in the streets, children experiment with what will be the art of the future.

This “Arts Weekend”, Bilbao dresses up its most artistic district, and in the streets, conversations become about finding new sensations and experiences from the hands of the artist guests, who live among us but who are not always within the reach of our curious glances or interested conversation.

Bilbao is always worth a visit, but during the first few days of May it is an unmissable engagement in the diary of everyone who is interested in new art and new trends. It is an opportunity for relaxed dialogue, for an unforgettable experience, for being surprised by the unexpected. Through the “Art District” fair, Bilbao expresses its unconditional love for art.