Families from all over the world enjoy feature films and animation series, one of the main hallmarks of this company.

Baleuko is a company with an important business development in the world of film and television, which has produced fiction films and animation series, alone or in co-production with others.

From a total of 11 animated feature films, 9 of them have been produced exclusively by Baleuko, while THE WISH FISH ( was co-produced with Image Venture (India), and BLACKIE & KANUTO (, LUMIQ (Italy), and ART’MELL (France). The international focus of the company is endorsed by BLACKIE & COMPANY, animated series of 26 chapters, of 11 minutes length. This series will be in production until early 2015 and it is a co-production with DRAFTOON (Animation studio in Rosario, Argentina) and RTVE.

This Basque company is already a regular participant at the MIPTV and MIPCOM Festivals. They have also taken part in the Asia TV Forum, in Singapore, and are present in the audiovisual contents market in New York, the Kidscreen, all of them important markets of the digital contents industry, and its success is due to the perfect combination of creativity and the most advanced technologies with the versatility and flexibility to adapt to current market demands.

In an industry without borders and with the enormous challenge of competing in major markets worldwide, Baleuko believes in international co-production as a key to the future for animation companies.

Baleuko is currently working on interactive applications and games for social networks, to complete the audiovisual products offered to the global world. As far as animation is concerned, they are developing two other films that will secure another two new successes of our international cinematography.