Azkuna Zentroa View project


Azkuna Zentroa is an extraordinary project, in which Philippe Starck creates a visual tour through the History and culture of the biggest known civilisations.

“Behind the column people hide, they fall in love, they kiss. Behind the column, they kill, a quote is born… “, Philippe Starck’s unusual way of feeling the language of architecture and art, gave birth to the spectacular Atrium of Cultures of Azkuna Zentroa.

The 43 pillars that support the three magnificent constructions that conform the inside structure of the building, symbolize the millions of columns and the particularities of cultures, architectures, wars and religions, humanity has gone through along history.

Italian stage designer Lorenzo Balardi has given a material cinematographic view to Starck’s particular perception.

Walking through this atrium means opening your imagination to mankind’s historical moments, through an architectural and artistic performance of the different cultures that have become a milestone and have shaped the essence and peculiarities of human evolution.

This incredible space of over 40,000 square metres, open to culture, to citizens and visitors, was born from the “love at first sight” that the old warehouse caused this brilliant architect.

From storing wine to promoting culture and leisure, this is the path taken by this unique building designed in the early twentieth century that has reappeared a century later to become one of the most representative icons of the XXI century Bilbao.

Azkuna Zentroa