The purpose of BIDC

Foster creativity and design as driving forces for economic development and projection of Bilbao Bizkaia.

Economic development

Promotion of new economic sectors related to design and creative industries: architecture, audiovisuals, communication, crafts, design, digital contents, fashion, interior design and video games.


They are promising sectors mainly developed in urban environments. Bilbao aims to become an international hub capable of capturing companies that work in these sectors.

These sectors are full of young employment and creative talent. These are sectors with great ability to bring new contents and services to the tourism and trade, and strategic urban solutions for the future development of Bilbao.

These are sectors with potential to shape advanced services for traditional industry. A strong creative sector that provides innovation to the Basque industry.

The European Union has approved the “Creative Europe 2014 - 2020” programme that promotes creative industries as a factor of competitiveness of the economy of the continent.

International Projection

Promote the international projection of Bilbao Bizkaia linked to the values of creativity and design.


Today not only companies compete internationally but also the cities, regions and countries.

The international asset of the Bilbao brand is reinforced associating it to the values of design and creativity.

The values of creativity and design boost economic activity at international level, talent and youth.

The so-called “City Diplomacy” opens possibilities for international cooperation with reference cities that share this strategy. (Berlin, Montreal, London, Milan, Buenos Aires, Shenzhem, Shanghai…)

This international position contributes to the economic development in Bilbao, Bizkaia and the Basque Country.

UNESCO City of Design

Bilbao, city with a strong industrial history, has gone through a complete social, cultural and economic transformation. Creativity and design have played an important role in the development of the local communities and culture has played a vital role as a driver of economic activity and social changes, within the development strategy of the city.

Thanks to public and private support, and to a very important social involvement, Bilbao has been capable of getting together different creative sectors, and the work carried out by the city and its citizens has been recognised by the UNESCO, designating Bilbao City of Design and entering the Creative Cities Network in December 2014.


The strategy to vitalise, showcase and drive the creative industries sector and their companies seeks to enhance their competitiveness and dimensioning. This strategy is therefore deemed to be in line with the European Union’s Europe 2020 Strategy to achieve smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

Given this coherence, the measures driven by the BiDC fall within one of the strategic objectives of the Basque Country ERDF Operational Programme 2014-2020; specifically, relating to supporting the creation and expansion of advanced capacities for the development of products and services.

Thus, BiDC, as a means of awareness raising and driving the development of Bizkaia creative companies, is co-funded by that Operational Programme.